We believe that the jewellery you buy should be driven by quality and shouldn’t cost the earth.

That’s why we create beautifully simple pieces hand crafted in the UK from recycled metals and priced honestly.


Founded by Catherine Rhys Jones after she listened to friends and colleagues who were tired of buying jewellery that they wanted to wear all the time but couldn’t because their fingers turned green or the gold colour rubbed off. After noticing a gap in the market for honestly priced, solid Gold jewellery Catch Rhys was born.

Catherine wanted to create the type of jewellery that she herself wanted to wear; simple chains and plain gold band rings like the ones her mum hasn’t removed since she bought them aged 18, plus some spinning pieces that were a bit more fun!


We proudly support British industry; All of our jewellery is manufactured in the UK, and all of our packaging (apart from the inner pouches) is also made right here on British soil by local companies and tradesman. We are working on sourcing our pouches from the UK too :)

We are committed to improving our sustainability as a company; wherever possible our jewellery is manufactured from recycled precious metals and we are looking to achieve 100% recycled metals in the future. Every order comes packaged in one of our signature gold tins, these have been designed with reuse in mind - keep your jewellery/loose change/condoms in them!


Our mission is to make beautiful, high quality jewellery that functions for our customers lifestyle but at a fair and honest price point. We’ve cut out the middleman and sell direct to you so that you aren’t paying the huge retail mark ups. We take the cost of manufacturing and add a mark up to cover our operational and marketing costs plus VAT, and that’s it!


promoting positivity

As a brand we are dedicated to promoting positivity and improvement wherever possible, our mission is to make beautiful and functional products that can be enjoyed by everyone. We want our customer to lead the way when it comes to new products so let us know what everyday jewellery you want to see produced next. We are passionate about equal rights and opportunities for everyone and have some exciting collaborations in the pipeline so stay tuned!