Jewellery for your on days, off days, and OOO days.


There’s no need to be precious about it or reserve it for special occasions. We design fuss-free classics that go wherever you go.

I started Catch Rhys out of a frustration with the jewellery I was buying. It always came with lengthy care instructions and still tarnished after only a few wears or turned my skin green.

Inspired by the rings my mum hasn’t taken off for 40+ years I went on the hunt for simple solid gold classics and quickly realised that the options were limited; mass-produced and low quality or wildly expensive and inaccessible.

I wanted to create a new type of jewellery brand, one with a clear focus; to make jewellery that can be lived in, at an honest price point, in the most responsible way possible. My mission is just getting started, thank you so much for being a part of the journey.


For us, gold means gold.

We only use solid metals, hardy enough for every day life. Not gold-plated, gold vermeil, or gold filled. All of which are marketing terms for ‘not actually gold’. The same goes for silver. Endlessly replacing jewellery, and getting green fingers and brass rash is no fun.


But it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Our markups are honest - meaning they are just enough to cover our running costs. Gold will always be an investment, but standard industry markups kind of take the biscuit. We also don’t want to cost the earth - literally - so 97% of our jewellery is made from recycled metals (aiming for 100% in 2023).

Showering. Sweating. Sunbathing. Washing your hands. Washing your hair. Walking your dog. Running after your dog. Doing your eyeliner. Re-doing your eyeliner. Giving up on the eyeliner entirely.


We take doing more good than harm pretty seriously.

Using recycled metals reduces waste, and avoids new mining.

From working with family-run factories in UK and Italy to minimise our carbon footprint, and only designing classic 'wear forever' jewellery, we care about leaving the planet (and the people that inhabit it) in a better way after interacting with us.