We’re responsible. Not sustainable.

We’ll save you from the marketing speak. The very act of putting more things into the world is unsustainable, so it’s a bit daft for us to say we’re ‘sustainable’.

Instead, we try to be responsible. Designated-driver responsible. Prints-off-their-boarding-pass-in-case-their-phone dies responsible. Here’s how.

No-plating policy.

Gold-plating (or vermeil as it’s more commonly known) has no place at Catch Rhys. We work exclusively with solid metals because it’s.. well, better. For you, and the planet. You only have to buy it once and then you can keep it for life. A small, chic way to curb overconsumption.


(AIMING FOR 100% IN 2023)

When gold and silver are recycled, they get refined back to the exact same purity as when they were freshly mined. Using materials already in circulation prevents more mining, and we’re hard at work turning 97% into 100%.


Our founder handpicks our factories based on the 3 criteria: ethical practices, environmental practices, and product quality. We keep production close to home (in the UK and Italy with a few specialist products made in Bangkok) to minimise our carbon footprint, and foster strong working relationships.


You won’t catch us releasing a bedazzled ear cuff, or a dangly masterpiece that’ll go out of trend in a few months. One of our customers said our hoops reminded her of the timeless jewellery her grandma wore in the 50’s in Italy. We’re inclined to agree.

Honestly priced.

We don’t believe in sky-high industry markups, and price our items fairly and competitively from the outset. You won’t see us heavily discounting or holding regular sales - that only encourages overconsumption.


Your jewellery will arrive in a signature Catch Rhys gold tin, that can jazz up any dressing table. Our mailers are made from fully recyclable corrugated paper, and our logo stickers are made from 100% recycled waste paper (and can be recycled).